Parties in the TreatyEdit

The Kingdom of the Swiss 320px-Early Swiss cross.svg (King Alexander I)

The Kingdom of Spain Amadeo Flag of Spain (King Ferdinand VI)

The Habsburg Empire Flag of Austria (Empire Total War).svg (Empress Maria Theresa I, represented by Prince Ezequiel Clemente)


A treaty to formalize the agreement between the Kingdom of the Swiss and the Kingdom of Spain regarding guildmastership of the guild known as "Austrian Empire" within TLOPO. To note that Prince Ezequiel Clemente, brother of Her Imperial Majesty, Maria Theresa Bluefeather I, Empress of Austria, Archduchess of Vienna, to whom currently holds control over the "Austrian Empire" guild vows to formally transfer leadership and guildmastership of the guild to Prince Richard Kroshbon, brother of His Majesty, King Alexander I Kroshbon, at the time of the Prince's ascension as Prince-Consort of Austria by lawful marriage to Her Imperial Majesty.

This document affirms by the grace of God that on the honor of King Ferdinand Clemente of Spain, the Prince of Spain shall fulfill his word to the Prince Richard, and to uphold the lawful right of Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress of Austria to choose the Commander-in-Chief of her Armies, and her decision to appoint her lawful husband to the role.

The main participants were His Majesty King Alexander I Kroshbon, King of the Swiss and Duke of Bern, His Royal Highness Prince Ryan Kroshbon, Prince of Geneva and Prime Minister of Switzerland, and His Royal Highness Prince Ezequiel Clemente, Hand of the King of Spain and Crown Prince.




Prince Ryan Kroshbon of Switzerland