Disbanded by order of the King in August 1750.


" The Official Flag of The Swiss Progressive Assembly "

The Swiss Progressive Assembly (SPA) is a political party in Switzerland. The party was founded in 1745 by Mathieu Venables. The SPA began as group dedicated to bringing comprehensive policies meant to skirt breaches in national security during a time of great strife. Formerly, the party was the majority party, with it's leader, Sir Jon Kroshbon as Prime Minister of Switzerland.

Due to the recent defect of Sir Jon Kroshbon to the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, party leadership has passed to Lord Samuel Clemente, then Minister of State of Switzerland and Head of the House of Commons, as well as Royal Steward to His Majesty.

In August 1750, after Samuel Clemente's betrayal of Switzerland and the subsequent June Crisis, The SPA was disbanded by special order of the King. A purge of all SPA government officials occurred shortly after. 

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Lord Samuel Clemente, former party leader

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