Sir Gellert Kohleschmied


Minister of Law
1 April 1754 – present

Predecessor: Sir Mighty Wolfe
King: Alexander I of Switzerland

Minister of Defense
22 December 1751 – 1 April 1754

Predecessor: Sir Will Kohleschmied
Successor: Sir Mighty Wolfe

Minister of Home
11 August 1751 – 22 December 1751

Predecessor: Princess Seraphina Kroshbon
Successor: Lady Kate Kohleschmied

Director of Home
9 June 1751 – 11 August 1751

Predecessor: Princess Seraphina Kroshbon
Successor: Lady Kate Kohleschmied

Personal Details

Born: 16 November 1706 (Aged 48)
Nationality: Swiss
Political party: Swiss People's Party
Spouse: Lady Kate Wolfe
Alma mater: University of Vienna
Profession: Statesman, Bureaucrat, Nobleman
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Sir Gellert Kohleschmied (16 November 1706) is the current Minister of Law in the Cabinet of Lord Benjamin Wolfe and Vice Advisor to King Alexander Kroshbon. He had formerly served as Minister of Defense from 1751-1754, Minister of Home in 1751, and Director of Home before that. As one of the King's principal advisors, Gellert has retained immense influence in the Swiss government, and has come to be the de facto leader of the House of Kohleschmied

Gellert had been a long-time government official in the Duchy of Venice, commanding the city garrison for thirteen years under his elder cousins, Lord Jozef Kohleschmied and Sir Harold Kohleschmied. After Lord Jozef's retirement and Sir Harold's removal from office, Gellert made his way to the capital where he became Minister of Home in the newly elected government of Lord Bailey Kroshbon. After serving ably for several months, he became Minister of Defense at the election of Lord Benjamin Wolfe. Three years later, in the 1754 Cabinet reshuffle, Gellert was named Minister of Law and Vice Advisor to the King.