Princess Seraphina Kroshbon


Minister of Home
27 June 1751 – 11 August 1751

Predecessor: Lady Samantha Merian
Successor: Sir Gellert Kohleschmied
King: Alexander I of Switzerland

Director of State
11 August 1751 – 23 October 1751

Successor: Princess Cara Kroshbon

Director of Home
19 May 1751 – 27 June 1751

Predecessor: Lady Samantha Merian
Successor: Sir Gellert Kohleschmied

Personal details

Born: 11 April 1732 (aged 19)
Nationality: Swiss, Spanish
Political party: Liberal Party (1750-1751)
Alma mater: University of Zurich
Profession: Politician
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Princess Seraphina Kroshbon (11 April 1732) was the daughter of Prince Benjamin Kroshbon, who served as Director and Minister of Home in the Cabinet of Lord Azreel Wolfe, and Director of State in the Cabinet of Lord Bailey Kroshbon.

She departed the Kingdom of the Swiss on the 23rd of October 1751, alongside her aunt, Princess Rose Kroshbon, travelling to Spain with Rose, who was now Queen-Consort of Spain due to her marriage to King Ferdinand VI Clemente of Spain. After her defection to Spain, she was adopted by King Ferdinand and took up the name Princess Seraphina Clemente.

Early LifeEdit

Princess Seraphina was born as the younger daughter of Prince Benjamin Kroshbon, the eldest son and heir of William II of Switzerland. She was born only months after the Kroshbon Conquest of the Swiss Cantons, and was named Seraphina after the enthusiasm the Swiss nation had for its future under a unified Monarchy. She grew up in the Kanton of Bern at the Royal Palace alongside her elder sister, Princess Sarah Kroshbon, and cousin, Princess Cara Kroshbon. Unbeknowest to her, she had also an elder brother, Prince Ryan Kroshbon, who had not been recognized by her father and lived on a farm in Jura with his mother's family.

While Princess Sarah demonstrated more of the qualities of their father, including his love for the oceans and physical prowess, Seraphina exhibited the more traditional roles of a noblewoman. She quickly became a favourite of the Royal household, and developed an extremely close bond with her aunt, Princess Rose Kroshbon. By the age of 12, she had become a coordinator for the Annual Swiss Christmas Ball, and at the age of 14 helped to coordinate the funeral of her grandfather.

Government careerEdit

Ministry of HomeEdit

Seraphina was sent to the University of Zurich for a year, where she completed basic tutorage at the age of 18. When she completed University, her close ties to her aunt secured her a place at the Royal Palace. Working first as an aide to the Princess Rose, she later entered into service at the Ministry of Home under Lady Darby Merian, where she served as the Personal Assistant to the Minister. She served in this capacity for several months, until May of 1751, following Lady Darby's resignation, and the appointment of her younger sister, Lady Samantha Merian as Acting Minister of Home.

At Samantha's assumption of the Ministry, Seraphina was made Director of Home, the de facto Deputy Home Minister, and made a name for herself as an efficient government agent, who completed the tasks before her and helped keep the Ministry afloat and running smoothly after Darby's unexpected departure. Soon later, Seraphina took over as Minister of Home officially, replacing Lady Samantha, and joining the Cabinet officially. She began work to hold a second Swissies event, modelling the extremely popular awards that had been set up under Merian's administration.

As she continued her service within the Ministry, her popularity within the populace increased relatively quickly. After the surprise resignation of Lord Azreel Wolfe and announcement of a Special Election, she decided to run, taking up the mantle of the Liberal Party, and running alongside her cousin, Lord Bailey Kroshbon. Her performance in the early polls was mediocre, as she wasn't supported by most of the Swiss establishment, which placed their bets on the more conservative and experienced Sir Harold Kohleschmied of the Swiss People's Party. As the Election carried on, however, and evidence of Harold's rampant corruption at the Ministry of Law were rumoured, the Liberal Party was heavily boosted in the polls, with Lord Bailey moving to first in the polls and Seraphina up to second.

By the end of the primaries, Bailey and Seraphina continued to maintain first and second spots in polls, however Harold quickly turned his performance around and managed to overtake Seraphina on the final day of the Primary polls, leading to much condemnation by her base and accusations of voter fraud on his part. Nevertheless, the Election carried on, and Seraphina conceded to Bailey.

Director of StateEdit

After Bailey's election and Harold's defeat, Seraphina was recruited into the Kroshbon government and tapped as Director of State. She moved into the Ministry of State where she would work with her close aunt, Princess Rose Kroshbon once more. She maintained her popularity within the Swiss, and also as Director began to increasingly work with the Spanish government, developing close ties with King Ferdinand Clemente and Prince Ezequiel Clemente, who was at odds with King Alexander, her uncle. Though she was efficient in her duties, her extremely close ties to Spain left her uncle nervous.

She continued as Director of State for the next two months, though the feeling that her uncle had lost faith in her, her ambition within the Swiss government withered. By the end of October of 1751, after Princess Rose was wed to King Ferdinand Clemente, Seraphina resolved to accompany her aunt to Spain. She took up residence there the following month, leaving behind her old identity and her entire past.

She was adopted by King Ferdinand upon her arrival in Spain, and subsequently took up the name Princess Seraphina Clemente.

Life in SpainEdit