Prince Samuel Clemente


Minister of State
28 March 1750 – 6 June 1750

Predecessor: Sir Giovanni de' Medici
Successor: Lord Gustav Dreadre
King: Alexander I of Switzerland

Royal Steward
28 March 1750 – 6 June 1750

Predecessor: General Antoin Herman
Successor: Position Abolished

Prince of Spain
Birth – Death

Personal Details

Born: c. 1721
Died: unknown
Nationality: Spanish
Political party: Swiss Progressive Assembly
Alma mater: University of Zurich
Profession: Politician, Royalty
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Samuel Carlos Bermúdez Clemente was born in 1721 in Madrid, Spain during the Paradoxian War as the only son of Eric Machawk and Sparky Whitewolf. After Britain won the war, Sparky and her young son fled to her brother, Ferdinand IV, who was recently established as the new king of Spain after his fathers' downfall. He grew up to be tall and handsome, and when he was of age went to study abroad at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. After finishing his studies there, he took control of the Swiss Progressive Assembly, a political party which stood for making Switzerland a more militant and powerful country. After establishing a new era of political awareness in his party, he was recruited to become Minister of State by Alexander I of Switzerland. Samuel, loving politics, immediately accepted this position. As well as becoming the new Minister of State for Jozef Kohlschmied, the new Prime-Minister, Samuel started serving Alexander and became Royal Steward for House Kroshbon. A few months later, Samuel fulfilled his dream of holding a position at his alma-mater, the University of Zurich, and holds the job of Vice-Chancellor at this esteemed university.  Samuel is seen as one of the most influential men in Swiss politics, as well as being the glue holding together relations between countries ranging in diversity and power. Samuel eventually would betray the Swiss by leaking sensitive documents, thus making him responsible for sparking the "June Crisis". He was believed to have committed suicide on the 8th of June.

On the 29th of July, however, it was uncovered that Prince Samuel had faked his death and now taken the identity of "Hannibal Bush", Head of Foreign Affairs for the new Syndicate Government in Spain. When the Syndicate fell and Leonardo was ousted from power, Hannibal fled into hiding, and King Alexander subsequently sentenced him to death in absentia.