Prince Benjamin Kroshbon

State portrait of Prince Benjamin.

Crown Prince of Switzerland
25 August 1738 – 7 May 1746

Successor: Prince Alexander Kroshbon
Monarch: King William II
Born: 1 August 1710
Died: Unknown
Nationality: Swiss
Alma mater: University of Rome
Profession: Warrior, statesman
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Benjamin William Kroshbon (Benjamin Stormphoenix; 1 August 1710 - unknown) was the Crown Prince of Switzerland from 1738 to 1746, and a renowned warrior during the reign of his father, William II of Switzerland. He served as a General and a Statesman, and was a key official in driving Swiss policy until 1746. He served as Regent for his father shortly before the outbreak of The Swiss Civil War (1746), and was sidelined from the succession for his actions during this regency. He disappeared months later in the aftermath of the Fall of the Caribbean.

Early LifeEdit


Titles and ArmsEdit

  • 1 August 1710 - 25 August 1738: Sir Benjamin Kroshbon
  • 25 August 1738 - 7 May 1746: His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince
  • 7 May 1746 - unknown: His Highness, Prince Benjamin Kroshbon