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Kohle UniversityEdit

The Kohle College was founded in 1744, as the premier and leading college of the esteemed University of Zurich.

It's goals are to usher a new era of power and efficiency in Switzerland.

It is seen as the more esteemed and private counterpart of the more public school, University of Zurich.


These are the occupations of the staff for the university.

The Dean is in-charge of the whole University, and the position of Chancellor is usually held by a person of noble and high authority within the Swiss government, and does not live in the University as a usual staff member would.

  • Chancellor - King Alexander I
  • Dean of Kohle - Lord Josef Grau


Here are the Rules for the Staff and Students:

Note: rules may change at any time due to Swiss law.

Staff RulesEdit

  • No abuse or harassment of any person will be tolerated.
  • Vandalization of university property will come out of your monthly paycheck.
  • No foul or offensive language will be tolerated.
  • Set an example for the students and other staff-members.

Student RulesEdit

  • No hazing of lower-classmen will be tolerated.
  • If caught vandalizing school property, you may be vacated from school property immediately.
  • No abusive language will be tolerated.
  • No disrespect of anyone, student or staff, will be taken lightly.
  • Cheating off of other students will result in firm discipline.

Negative RecordEdit

Sometimes cadets or staff members abuse the University and its rules.

This is a Negative Record, this records all data of negative events.

Here is a table of the punishments for negativity:

Number of Offenses Student Punishment: Cadet Punishment :
1 1st Warning 1st Warning
2 2nd Warning 2nd Warning
3 Final Warning Final Warning
4 Suspended for 1 Day Disciplinary Talk
5 Suspended for 1 Week Loss of Pay
6 Suspended for 1 Month Indentured Work
7 Expelled Fired

" A pleasant view of the university. "

Degree Information Edit

If you wish to be a citizen of Switzerland and work for us, you need to acquire a degree.

There are two Semesters you will have to take to do so.

Each Class is a day-long, and only happens on week-days.

You must have 10 credits in each subject to graduate. 

Semester 1 Edit

  • Math: 6
  • History: 3
  • Physics: 2
  • Citizenship: 5
  • Geography: 5
  • Physical Education: 5
  • Language: 7

Semester 2 Edit

  • Math: 4
  • History: 7
  • Physics: 8
  • Citizenship: 5
  • Geography: 5
  • Physical Education: 5
  • Language: 3

Semester 3 Edit

Please note that Teachers should recommend students to take an extra Semester to pass off a Class. Students will be in Semester 3 Classes until they pass.


Many students here are offered an internship immediately after they graduate, due to good grades & high remarks from teachers.

Notable AlumniEdit

  • King Alexander I of Switzerland, King of the Swiss (1747-present)
  • Prince Ryan Kroshbon, Prince of Geneva and Prime Minister (1750-present)
  • Prince Samuel Clemente, Minister of State & Head of the House of Commons (1750)
  • Sir Blau Wolfe, Count of Valais & Minister of Finance (1739 - 1746)
  • Sir WIlhelm Kohleschmied, Count of Lucerne & Vice Chancellor of the University of Zurich