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The Kanton of Jura is a beautiful area of land with many beautiful palaces and Castles, it is a place of extreme beauty in its natural features! the current Duke is Richard Venables, His Palace the Ruhestätte Schloss, the palace situtated in the very heart of the Juran countryside, the lands are fertile and produce a fair amount of the Swiss crops. Most of the population is French speaking with just one percent being German speaking. The Capitol is the city of Geneva.


The King of Burgundy donated much of the land that today makes up Canton Jura to the Bishop of Basel in 999. The area was a sovereign state within the Holy Roman Empire for more than 800 years. After the Treaty of Westaphilia in 1648 the Jura had close ties with the Swiss Confedration.


Jura is very famous for producing some of the finest Swiss Jaegers known, Jura is of course the gateway into Switzerland from southern Europe and therefore there has always been a need for a strong military presence in the Kanton, along with Kroshbon Pointe Military Academy in the Kanton. It is also the home of the latest innovation by Sir Richard, the 1st Royal Swiss Rifle Regiment and it's 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions.

The Kanton also hold extreme prestige as making some of the finest field guns ever used by Swiss and British Forces.


In terms of Economy the Kanton of Jura produces the finest Swiss Cheese and Wine in the whole of Switzerland! it is also famous for it chocolate factory which is known all over Europe, even the King of England eats them! Jura is also famous for its cattle which are prime cattle brought over from Scotland in 1743 by Richard Venables. They are also famous for thier Tabacco, Watches and Textiles, but also breed some of the finest horses around!

In 1746 after Duke Ironshot stood down Venables was remade Duke, and brought Reaver Industries to Switzerland, the people rejoiced as jobs were created for all and poverty became almost non-existent!

Government Edit

  • Duchess of Jura - Lady Samantha Merian
  • Count of Vaud - Sir Benjamin Merian
  • Count of Neuchatel - Sir Flynn Merian
  • Count of Fribourg - Sir Nightingale Merian