House of Ardmore
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Life lived, life worthwhile
Count of Schywz
Castle Pfaffkin
Kanton Zurich
None, extinct
None, extinct
Roman Catholicism
Cadet branches
Date of founding
1 year
Lord Matthew Ardmore

The House of Ardmore was a noble house that holds fealty to House of Kohleschmied. Their lands were located in the canton of Schywz. They were elevated to nobility by the King in 1750, after their Lord was appointed Generalfeldmarshal of Switzerland. Their seat was Castle Pfaffikon. In October of 1750, their Lord betrayed the King of the Swiss and attempted to harm the Queen. For this treason the House was attainted. Lord Matthew was captured and hanged for his crimes, while his son and brother were ridden down miles away, and promptly executed by the Swiss Kingsguard.


The house had previously been unestablished for the decades leading up to the merchant revolts of 1726. During the revolts, it saw it's future founder rise to prominence as a voice and fighter in the rebellion. Matthew Ardmore of Malley joined the forces of Matthew Wilde, who were led equally by Peter Hawke and Roger McBellows, known as the Black Paladins. Shortly after joining their ranks, the house saw it's famed son marry an equally incredible woman, Lady Erin. Their marriage would last through his tenure in the Paladins, which ended after nearly 2 decades. During the career, he'd grown close friends with Jane Fletcher, the jewel of the Black Paladins. In the end of his rebellious tenure, Matt was cast out of the group during a power struggle which saw Roger take over. His marriage too would cease when he'd discovered that Erin had cheated on him. He spent nearly 10-15 years in heartbreak and solitude following such losses. In the 16th year, he'd mistakenly wandered into a meeting of several ex-mercs, the United Alliance led by Matthew O'malley (not to be confused with Matthew Ardmore's in game character), Jeremiah Strom and Jonathan " Johnny Sea Slasher" Smith. He led a brief career with them, during which he'd met Kwagar Ocata and Prince Jonathan George Augustus Breasly.

Members & StrengthEdit

  • {Lord Matthew Ardmore}, former Count of Schywz and founder
    • {Lady Meg Fiet}, ex-wife
    • Lady Erin, ex-wife
    • {Lady Grace}, ex-wife
      • {Sir Hector Ardmore}, son
  • {Sir Willow Ardmore}, brother

The House was able to raise 4,000 infantry and 200 cavalry for their liege lords.