Genoese-Swiss War of 1746
View of the port city of Genoa
Date May 10th, 1746 - May 22th, 1746
Location Southern Europe
Result Genoa, Tuscany, and Hesse retain their independence from Switzerland

Doppio Pact is dissolved

SwitzerlandFlag Kingdom of Switzerland Genoaflag1 Republic of Genoa

640px-Royal Banner of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.svg Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Gb1 Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland

Commanders and leaders
SwitzerlandFlag William I

SwitzerlandFlag Blau Wolfe

SwitzerlandFlag Alexander Kroshbon

Genoaflag1 Guiseppe Ermmano

Genoaflag1 Nico Simone

640px-Royal Banner of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.svg August II

Gb1 George II

Gb1 Henry Pelham

Gb1 Nathanial Garland

35,000 Infantry

1,200 Alpen Guard

18,000 Infantry

2,500 Carabineers

Casualties and losses
None None


The Genoese-Swiss War of 1746 was a minor conflict that erupted because of a dispute between the House of Kroshbon over the throne of the newly founded Kingdom of Genoa. King William II claimed that after the abdication of the Doge that the throne was to be handed to a member of his family, however the people of Genoa could not stand for a German King on the throne, a new clamiant emerged, and hostilities ensued.

There was however no actual fighting as within a few weeks the British intervened.